Float and Sting!: One Round with Muhammad Ali

3-6 ┊ 3715 words ┊ ◄))

3-6, 3715 words, 29 minutes audio time.

Davis Miller is a puny, little mouse at Mount Tabor High School in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. At least that’s what the other students call the 4′ 7″ senior. After years of being depressed, the sickly teen decides to take on an impossible dream. He decides to become a boxer. Then one day in 1975, Miller gets a chance to spar with Muhammad Ali, a bout that will change his life.


Nobody Wants to Play with a Ball Hog

1-3 ┊ 2070 words ┊ ◄))

1-3, 2070 words, 14 minutes audio time.

Tyler couldn’t believe it when he discovered his super ability while playing basketball with his dad. He’s a perfect shot! Since he can’t miss, he quits passing to his teammates. Soon the other teams figure out how to stop him, and his teammates get mad. When will Tyler learn that nobody wants to play with a ball hog?


Don’t Break the Balance Beam!

1-3 ┊ 2084 words ┊ ◄))

1-3, 2084 words, 19 minutes audio time.

Kenzie’s super strength makes her a super tumbler. But it causes all sorts of problems on the balance beam. When she doesn’t control her strength, she falls off or even worse. If she doesn’t learn to control her strength soon, all of her teammates will be laughing and saying one thing: don’t break the balance beam!


Cheerleading Really Is a Sport

1-3 ┊ 2187 words ┊ ◄))

1-3, 2187 words, 20 minutes audio time.

Alicia’s brother Danny and his friends are always putting down cheerleading. One of them even said the cheerleaders don’t belong at the Victory School. But Alicia knows that everyone on the team has something special, like her super jumping ability. She just has to prove to Danny and the others that cheerleading really is a sport.


There Are No Figure Eights in Hockey

1-3 ┊ 2133 words ┊ ◄))

1-3, 2133 words, 15 minutes audio time.

Josh has already won a gold medal in figure skating, so he is looking for a new challenge. He decides that hockey is a good fit for his super skating ability. But when he gets out on the hockey rink, he soon realizes changing sports won’t be as easy as he thought. After all, there are no figure eights in hockey.


It’s Hard to Dribble with Your Feet

1-3 ┊ 2118 words ┊ ◄))

1-3, 2118 words, 19 minutes audio time.

Carmen is a star dribbler for the Victory basketball team. She never loses control of the ball. But when she decides to try out for soccer, she learns that handling a soccer ball doesn’t come nearly as easy. After Carmen hears some other girls talking about her, she feels awful. She just didn’t realize that it’s hard to dribble with your feet.


A Running Back Can’t Always Rush

1-3 ┊ 1975 words ┊ ◄))

1-3, 1975 words, 14 minutes audio time.

Danny loves to go fast. With his super speed, he can rush down the football field in seconds. The trouble is he forgets to slow down off of the field. When he zips through his homework, he makes mistakes. When he eats too fast, he feels sick. How will Danny learn that a running back can’t always rush?


Avalanche Freestyle

3-8 ┊ 1205 words ┊ ◄))

3-8, 1205 words, 10 minutes audio time.

Rich kid Tony Jay is a shoe-in to win the Silver Falls snowboarding tournament, but his biggest competition, Jack Hewlitt, can’t afford to enter. Tony may be spoiled, but he knows that victory means nothing if you don’t beat the best. So, he agrees to hold a one-on-one freestyle run with Jack atop the Silver Falls Mountains. But just when things start to heat up, a massive avalanche threatens to put both boys on ice, turning their friendly competition into a race for their lives.


Battle for Home Plate

3-8 ┊ 1136 words ┊ ◄))

3-8, 1136 words, 10 minutes audio time.

Justin and Carlos have played on the same baseball team since their T-ball days. But this season, the friends are forced to play on rival teams. Carlos makes new friends on the field, and Justin is left in the dust. When their teams face each other in the final game of the season, Justin and Carlos aren’t even speaking. The game comes down to one run, and Carlos rounds third. What will happen when the former best friends collide at home plate?


Full Court Pressure

3-8 ┊ 1184 words ┊ ◄))

3-8, 1184 words, 10 minutes audio time.

Star defensive player Zack Fuller is in a tough spot. His new Panthers teammates don’t trust him. The players on the Bulldogs, his old squad, think he’s a traitor for leaving. When the two teams face each other in the playoffs, Zack has to guard his former best friend. To make matters worse, the Panthers captain refuses to pass the ball to Zack. Caught between a Panther and a Bulldog, and in serious foul trouble, Zack will have to find a way to play through the pressure.


End Zone Thunder

3-8 ┊ 1374 words ┊ ◄))

3-8, 1374 words, 11 minutes audio time.

Hank “Thunder” Wilde and Jonas “Lightning” Fine are total opposites. Jonas is flashy, while Hank lets his booming hits do the talking. However, both teens have one thing in common — their competition to become team captain is hurting the Cyclones’ run at the state championship. Will “Thunder” and “Lightning” rip the Cyclones apart, or will the two wide receivers come together to create the perfect offensive storm?


Kickoff Blitz

3-8 ┊ 1125 words ┊ ◄))

3-8, 1125 words, 10 minutes audio time.

Tou Yang is the smallest kid on his football team, but he plays like a giant. Tou’s job is to dash down the field and smash the ball carrier on kickoffs and punts, and he does it well. When the Bandits come to town, an old enemy on the other side of the line goes out of his way to bring Tou down. Darren cuts corners and plays dirty. Will Tou be able to overcome his gridiron bully, or will Darren send him to the sidelines?


Paintball Punk

3-8 ┊ 1268 words ┊ ◄))

3-8, 1268 words, 10 minutes audio time.

Chester Coyote is a very talented paintball player. Unfortunately, he would rather be a lone wolf than run with the pack. His team, the Wolves, is in the state paintball finals, but he isn’t seeing eye-to-eye with his best friend, Cora Ramirez, the Wolves’ team captain. Chester won’t follow her orders, and his class-clown personality is turning the rest of the Wolves against him. If Chester doesn’t decide to play well with others, he’ll lose his friends — as well as the paintball championship.


Point-Blank Paintball

3-8 ┊ 1302 words ┊ ◄))

3-8, 1302 words, 10 minutes audio time.

Peter and Noah Eccleston are identical twins, so it’s no surprise they make the perfect paintball teammates. But when Coach Patterson offers them a chance to compete for a single spot on his elite paintball team, the brothers turn on each other. With markers blazing, the twins cut down the competition with ease. But when they finally face off against each other for a point-blank shootout, who will be the first to pull the trigger?


Reality Check

3-8 ┊ 1454 words ┊ ◄))

3-8, 1454 words, 12 minutes audio time.

When he’s playing hockey, Ricky Holder hits hard and never holds back. During a scrimmage, Ricky plays rough and injures his own team’s top scorer. Ricky’s father is proud of him, but his teammates ditch him because of his dangerous checks. Ricky tries to ease up a little, but his teammates won’t forgive him, and his father is mad that he’s not giving 110 percent. Can he fix things before the state’s toughest team comes to town?


Shot Clock Slam

3-8 ┊ 1066 words ┊ ◄))

3-8, 1066 words, 9 minutes audio time.

Perry the Playmaker has always been the Tigers’ go-to guy — until super-tall and ultra-talented Jason joins the team. Feeding the ball to Jason in the post is a guaranteed two points, but Perry refuses to play nice. Instead, he hogs the ball and takes bad shots, ruining the team’s rhythm. Will Perry’s selfishness spoil the Tigers’ run at the state championship, or will the two talented teens team up to slam dunk the competition?


Skateboard Sonar

3-8 ┊ 1277 words ┊ ◄))

3-8, 1277 words, 11 minutes audio time.

Matty Lyons is a top-notch skateboarder who can do all the coolest tricks. His moves are even more impressive since he’s blind. But not everyone is a fan of the talented grinder. During the state’s biggest skating competition, former champion Bing Hawtin mocks Matty, saying that a blind kid has no chance to win. But Matty knows something Bing doesn’t . . . seeing isn’t everything.


Skateboard Breakdown

3-8 ┊ 1254 words ┊ ◄))

3-8, 1254 words, 10 minutes audio time.

Ty Taggart has always loved skating. But ever since his older brother, Nick, died in combat, Ty has been off his game. He skates recklessly and has lost all interest in the local skating tournament. But when Nick’s best friend, Edwin, pays him a visit, Ty is able to reign in his anger and realize his true skating potential. In the finals, everyone is dazzled by Ty’s slick, flashy tricks — until he wipes out and breaks his board. Ty will have to pick up the pieces and reassemble his board overnight if he hopes to prevail.


Spotlight Striker

3-8 ┊ 919 words ┊ ◄))

3-8, 919 words, 8 minutes audio time.

Carlos Ramirez has always been the Strikers’ best scorer. He pulls off bicycle kicks with ease, and his best friend, Tou Yang, knows exactly where to put the passes. But the state’s best team, the Bandits, are coming to town, and Carlos hears that he’ll have a very special fan in the stands. His uncle, a professional soccer player, will be watching his nephew’s every move during the Strikers’ biggest game of the year. As the pressure to perform sets in, Carlos struggles to even hit the ball, let alone do bicycle kicks. Everyone has seen that Carlos is a gifted athlete, but no one knows whether he’ll shine as the center of attention, or be blinded by the spotlight.


Mud Mess

PreK-1 ┊ 116 words ┊ ◄))

PreK-1, 116 words, 1 minutes audio time.

Lots of rain brings bad luck. See which truck ends up stuck!


Truck Buddies

PreK-1 ┊ 126 words ┊ ◄))

PreK-1, 126 words, 1 minutes audio time.

Green Truck works and so does Blue. Will Dump Truck end up working, too?


P Is for Pom Pom!: A Cheerleading Alphabet

PreK-2 ┊ 590 words ┊ ◄))

PreK-2, 590 words, 6 minutes audio time.

From the excitement of tryouts to victory celebrations, cheerleading is a high energy blast! Learn all about the kicks, teamwork, and tricks in P is for Pom Pom!


BIG Trucks

PreK-2 ┊ 238 words ┊ ◄))

PreK-2, 238 words, 3 minutes audio time.

Celebrate all that is BIG! From big bugs to big trucks, big things come in all forms. The large format, striking photos, and simple text are sure to engage the reader.


Let’s Play Basketball!

PreK-2 ┊ 139 words ┊ ◄))

PreK-2, 139 words, 2 minutes audio time.

Text and photographs present the skills, equipment, and safety concerns of basketball.


Let’s Snowboard!

PreK-2 ┊ 106 words ┊ ◄))

PreK-2, 106 words, 2 minutes audio time.

Text and photographs present the skills, equipment, and safety concerns of snowboarding.


Allie’s Bike

PreK-3 ┊ 157 words ┊ ◄))

PreK-3, 157 words, 2 minutes audio time.

Allie is all set to ride her bike! She has all her safety gear, including a new pink helmet. But riding a bike is a lot harder than it looks…


Busy Bear

PreK-3 ┊ 213 words ┊ ◄))

PreK-3, 213 words, 2 minutes audio time.

Bears usually sleep through the winter – but not Busy Bear! He wants to play all winter long. Will Busy Bear be able to stay awake until spring?


Bug Race!

PreK-3 ┊ 201 words ┊ ◄))

PreK-3, 201 words, 2 minutes audio time.

The slow bugs get in the way. The hungry bugs cause a delay. The fast bugs set the pace. But who will win the big bug race?


Caleb’s Race

PreK-3 ┊ 351 words ┊ ◄))

PreK-3, 351 words, 3 minutes audio time.

Caleb loves to race, and he loves to CRASH! When his mom makes him promise not to crash in the go-cart race, will Caleb keep his promise, or will he CRASH?


Camden’s Game

PreK-3 ┊ 427 words ┊ ◄))

PreK-3, 427 words, 3 minutes audio time.

Camden is a great basketball player. But he wonders if he could dribble better as an ostrich, run faster as a cheetah, or jump higher as a frog.


The Camping Scare

PreK-3 ┊ 235 words ┊ ◄))

PreK-3, 235 words, 3 minutes audio time.

Beth and Ben go on a campout. A strange sound keeps them awake. The sound gets louder and louder… What could it be?


Finny Learns to Swim

PreK-3 ┊ 126 words ┊ ◄))

PreK-3, 126 words, 2 minutes audio time.

A young fish wants to be able to play tag and other games with his friends, but first he must learn to swim.


Flying with Oliver

PreK-3 ┊ 114 words ┊ ◄))

PreK-3, 114 words, 1 minutes audio time.

Oliver takes a high flying adventure in his airplane as he tips, spins, and bounces on clouds.


The Lifeguard

PreK-3 ┊ 208 words ┊ ◄))

PreK-3, 208 words, 2 minutes audio time.

A rambunctious child complains that the lifeguard is spoiling his fun until his little sister gets into trouble in the water.


Fair Game

K-2 ┊ 943 words ┊ ◄))

K-2, 943 words, 6 minutes audio time.

There’s a new kid on the basketball court, and his name is Jude. He makes everyone laugh by making up funny nicknames. But when Jude starts playing unfairly, will Chris, Diego, and Ty stop playing with him?


Rules of the Net

K-2 ┊ 596 words ┊ ◄))

K-2, 596 words, 4 minutes audio time.

Content-based Read-it! Readers are perfect for the independent reader or to read aloud. Engaging plots and fun characters will show kids how social studies and character education skills are important in everyday life.


Bailey’s Bike

PreK-3 ┊ 193 words ┊ ◄))

PreK-3, 193 words, 2 minutes audio time.

When Bailey rides his bike, he can become almost anything he imagines. He can be a circus star, a cowboy, and a taxi driver. What will Bailey be next?


Henry the Helicopter Has One Propeller

PK-4 ┊ 452 words ┊ ◄))

PK-4, 452 words, 7 minutes audio time.

Vehicles have many different parts. Helicopters have propellers, and police cars have bright lights. With close text to illustration pairing, children will enjoy singing about the different vehicles they see around town in this twist on a classic song. This hardcover book comes with CD and online music access.


Red Light, Red Light, What Do You Say?

PK-4 ┊ 543 words ┊ ◄))

PK-4, 543 words, 8 minutes audio time.

Red means stop, yellow means slow, green means go, go, go! With close text to illustration pairing, children will enjoy singing about what the different traffic lights mean in this twist on a classic song. This hardcover book comes with CD and online music access.


Riding to School on My Little Yellow School Bus

PK-4 ┊ 710 words ┊ ◄))

PK-4, 710 words, 7 minutes audio time.

How do you get around town? Do you take a bus or ride a train or maybe even a horse? With close text to illustration pairing, children will enjoy singing about different ways people get from one place to another in this twist on a classic song. This hardcover book comes with CD and online music access.


When You Want to Cross the Street, Look Both Ways

PK-4 ┊ 743 words ┊ ◄))

PK-4, 743 words, 7 minutes audio time.

When crossing a street, we need to look left, right, left! to be safe. With close text to illustration pairing, children will enjoy singing about safety in this twist on a classic song. This hardcover book comes with CD and online music access.


Bears on Ice

PreK-3 ┊ 180 words ┊ ◄))

PreK-3, 180 words, 2 minutes audio time.

Three bears go fishing in a little house on the ice and catch only one fish, they still have a good time by eating what they have brought in their backpacks.


Camping Trip

PreK-3 ┊ 119 words ┊ ◄))

PreK-3, 119 words, 2 minutes audio time.

Mike is always clumsy and inept when he goes camping with his friends, but one night his problems come in handy.


The Flying Fish

PreK-3 ┊ 360 words ┊ ◄))

PreK-3, 360 words, 3 minutes audio time.

Rachel and Grandpa go fishing. Rachel hooks a fish, but it gets away. Then Rachel hooks a weed. Will she catch a fish today?


Fishing Trip

PreK-3 ┊ 61 words ┊ ◄))

PreK-3, 61 words, 1 minutes audio time.

Easy-to-read text describes Joe and Dad’s attempts to catch fish for dinner.


Jake Skates

PreK-3 ┊ 138 words ┊ ◄))

PreK-3, 138 words, 2 minutes audio time.

Jake loves to skate. He skates here and there. Find out what happens when Jake tries to skate everywhere!


Jen Plays

PreK-3 ┊ 87 words ┊ ◄))

PreK-3, 87 words, 1 minutes audio time.

Jen uses a ball with the game to which the ball belongs, including kickball, baseball, football, and basketball.


The Kickball Game

PreK-3 ┊ 205 words ┊ ◄))

PreK-3, 205 words, 2 minutes audio time.

Danny and Jenny met during a kickball game in gym class. After Danny makes a mistake, Jenny makes everything better. What does Jenny do to win Danny’s friendship?


Meg Takes a Walk

PreK-3 ┊ 146 words ┊ ◄))

PreK-3, 146 words, 2 minutes audio time.

All about the adventures that occur when Meg takes her dog Peg for a walk.


Kyle’s Recess

PreK-3 ┊ 330 words ┊ ◄))

PreK-3, 330 words, 4 minutes audio time.

It is recess! Kyle wants to play, but the ball bin is empty. Will the kids find out where all the balls have gone?


The Best Soccer Player

PreK-3 ┊ 52 words ┊ ◄))

PreK-3, 52 words, 57 seconds audio time.

When the children play soccer, Katy is the best player of them all. She runs fast, kicks hard, cheers loudly, scores goals, and steals the ball.


The Boy Who Loved Trains

PreK-3 ┊ 229 words ┊ ◄))

PreK-3, 229 words, 2 minutes audio time.

Conner is crazy about trains. They are almost all he thinks about. But a present from Aunt Sally might change everything.


The Tall, Tall Slide

PreK-3 ┊ 254 words ┊ ◄))

PreK-3, 254 words, 3 minutes audio time.

On a hot summer day, Tina is initially too afraid to go down a big slide at the swimming pool until some new friends offer their help.


Winter Fun for Kat

PreK-3 ┊ 62 words ┊ ◄))

PreK-3, 62 words, 1 minutes audio time.

Kat puts on colorful clothes to get ready for winter snow.


A Year of Fun

PreK-3 ┊ 75 words ┊ ◄))

PreK-3, 75 words, 1 minutes audio time.

Sam explains all of the things that he likes to do outside during each season.


Rodeo Queen

1-3 ┊ 10931 words ┊ ◄))

1-3, 10931 words, 1 hour 2 minutes audio time.

When the rodeo comes to town, Kylie Jean decides she wants to be the Rodeo Queen! But to do that, she must learn rodeo tricks.


Ballet Bullies

3-6 ┊ 5569 words ┊ ◄))

3-6, 5569 words, 41 minutes audio time.

Marissa has always loved dancing. But lately, she feels clumsy and awkward when she dances, and she feels bigger and taller than the other girls. She doesn’t even bother trying out for the Rose Fairy ballet. But someone else thinks Marissa has what it takes to play the Rose Fairy!


Cheer Captain

3-6 ┊ 5673 words ┊ ◄))

3-6, 5673 words, 39 minutes audio time.

Julia just changed schools. Luckily, her best friend, Ava, goes to her new school. Ava’s been on the cheerleading squad for two years, and she promised to help Julia make the team. But if Julia is a better cheerleader than Ava, will they still be able to be best friends?


Double-Axel Doubt

3-6 ┊ 5880 words ┊ ◄))

3-6, 5880 words, 43 minutes audio time.

When Gabby’s figure skating coach retires, she has to learn to skate with a new coach. But when her new coach pushes her to do a double Axel, Gabby is afraid her old injury will flare up. Gabby has to decide if winning is worth risking injury.


Drive to the Hoop

3-6 ┊ 5610 words ┊ ◄))

3-6, 5610 words, 38 minutes audio time.

A girl on the JV basketball team was injured, and Mel has been asked to take her place. Mel is thrilled. But the girls on the freshman team aren’t happy for her. In fact, they’re being downright mean. How can Mel play to win when she doesn’t have teammates on her side?


Skater’s Secret

3-6 ┊ 5216 words ┊ ◄))

3-6, 5216 words, 37 minutes audio time.

Maggie and Shannon are figure skaters and sisters. But Maggie is really tired of Shannon always being in the spotlight. For once, Maggie is determined to come out from behind her sister’s shadow. Can Maggie learn to shine, even when Shannon always seems to get in her way?


Field Hockey Firsts

3-6 ┊ 5523 words ┊ ◄))

3-6, 5523 words, 38 minutes audio time.

Fiona’s new school doesn’t have an ice hockey team, just field hockey! She decides to try out for field hockey anyway, but the sports have different rules. Will Fiona be able to stay on the team if she doesn’t learn the rules?


Half-Pipe Prize

3-6 ┊ 5506 words ┊ ◄))

3-6, 5506 words, 37 minutes audio time.

When Tess moved away from Winterfall, she left her two best friends, Ana and Sofie, behind. She’s traveling back to surprise them and to take part in the yearly snowboarding competition. Ana is glad to see her, but Sofie acts strange as soon as Tess returns.


Hoop Doctor

3-6 ┊ 5568 words ┊ ◄))

3-6, 5568 words, 39 minutes audio time.

Kelsey wants to quit the basketball team. A mysterious person named Dr. C is running a basketball clinic at her school. Dr. C claims to be able to fix basketball problems, but Kelsey is sure it’ll take more than a doctor to make her love the game again.


Horseback Hopes

3-6 ┊ 6134 words ┊ ◄))

3-6, 6134 words, 43 minutes audio time.

Molly has always dreamed of taking horseback riding lessons, but the lessons were too expensive. Until now! A new stable has opened up in town, and Molly convinces her parents to let her sign up for classes. Everything is great, except that two girls at school keep making fun of Molly. She’ll need to figure out a way to keep her confidence both in and out of the saddle.


Victory Vault

3-6 ┊ 5578 words ┊ ◄))

3-6, 5578 words, 40 minutes audio time.

Kayla is the best gymnast on her team. When she misses her vault at an important gymnastics meet, no one sees her mistake — except her best friend, Chandra. When Chandra pressures her to tell the truth, Kayla must decide if keeping her trophy is worth losing her friend.


Over the Net

3-6 ┊ 5437 words ┊ ◄))

3-6, 5437 words, 39 minutes audio time.

Allie loves everything about volleyball except hitting. She doesn’t think she’s good at it, and every time she messes up, her belief in her own abilities dwindles. Finally, she asks for help. Her idol, Nikki, agrees to coach her once a week. If Allie can learn to spike as well as she blocks, she could become one of the team’s strongest players.


Strange but True Sports

3-9 ┊ 632 words ┊ ◄))

3-9, 632 words, 6 minutes audio time.

Ironing on a mountainside. Chasing after cheese. These are not your ordinary activities. Get ready to learn about some of the world’s strangest sports.



3-9 ┊ 2816 words ┊ ◄))

3-9, 2816 words, 21 minutes audio time.

For a chopper owner, it’s not speed that matters. It’s all about showing off your personal style. Some riders spend years building their one of a kind creations. Find out what it takes to build these two wheeled dream machines, from the sparkling chrome to the custom paint jobs.


Dirt Bikes

3-9 ┊ 2844 words ┊ ◄))

3-9, 2844 words, 22 minutes audio time.

No other motorcycle can take a beating quite like a dirt bike. These lightweight speedsters combine strong suspension systems with high powered engines and superb handling. Find out how today’s riders push their tough bikes to new limits in racing, freestyle, and beyond.



3-9 ┊ 2652 words ┊ ◄))

3-9, 2652 words, 19 minutes audio time.

From top fuelers to funny cars, dragsters rule the racing world with their sleek design and powerful engines. Learn the ins and outs of these cars and how they came to be such fan favorites.



3-9 ┊ 2835 words ┊ ◄))

3-9, 2835 words, 21 minutes audio time.

Hydroplanes aren’t your ordinary speed boats. Skimming over the water, they reach speeds of almost 200 miles per hour. Find out how the jet engines and giant roostertails of these world famous boats keep racing fans coming back for more.


Indy Cars

3-9 ┊ 2914 words ┊ ◄))

3-9, 2914 words, 23 minutes audio time.

Reaching speeds of 230 miles per hour, Indy cars are the fastest automobiles on the world’s racecourses. But besides being speedy, Indy cars are modern technological marvels. Find out how even the tiniest tweaks can mean the difference between winning and losing.


Monster Trucks

3-9 ┊ 2724 words ┊ ◄))

3-9, 2724 words, 20 minutes audio time.

Growling engines, huge tires, and daring drivers all come together in a monster truck show. These giant trucks may weigh 5 tons and be 10 feet tall, but they can pull off some high flying stunts. From high wheelies to one on one races, find out how these ground shaking trucks impress audiences everywhere.


Sport Bikes

3-9 ┊ 2785 words ┊ ◄))

3-9, 2785 words, 21 minutes audio time.

How can a motorcycle reach almost 200 miles per hour in one second, and snake around a hairpin turn in the next? Behind a sport bike’s featherweight fairings is a pure racing machine. From today’s top street bikes to the two-wheeled terrors of the Superbike World Championship, find out what puts a sport bike at the top of the class in performance.


Sports Cars

3-9 ┊ 2570 words ┊ ◄))

3-9, 2570 words, 20 minutes audio time.

Racing fans love to watch sports cars whirl around the track. Discover how these amazing machines have evolved from their early days and into some of the fastest cars on the track.


Stock Cars

3-9 ┊ 3112 words ┊ ◄))

3-9, 3112 words, 24 minutes audio time.

NASCAR has been a staple of American motorsports for more than 50 years. At first, drivers raced in the same cars they drove on the street. But over time, countless design and safety improvements gave rise to the Car of Tomorrow. Go behind the decals and under the hood to find out what makes stock cars the superstars of America’s racecourses.


Tuner Cars

3-9 ┊ 2867 words ┊ ◄))

3-9, 2867 words, 21 minutes audio time.

In the 1970s, Japanese Americans living in Southern California built some of the first tuner cars. Soon their idea of turning foreign compact cars into roaring rulers of the streets spread across the world. From turbocharged engines to shiny chrome rims, learn how creative compact car owners design some of the sleekest and speediest cars around.


BIG Boats

PreK-2 ┊ 177 words ┊ ◄))

PreK-2, 177 words, 3 minutes audio time.

They zoom across water. They ship big cargo. Big boats float on the seas. Learn about big boats and their special features.


Anatomy of a Shipwreck

5-9 ┊ 5511 words ┊ ◄))

5-9, 5511 words, 41 minutes audio time.

When the Titanic was built, many people thought the massive ship was unsinkable. Today it rests on the ocean floor. Learn about why ships sink and how past disasters and modern technology have led to safer ships.


Geocache Surprise

3-6 ┊ 5810 words ┊ ◄))

3-6, 5810 words, 39 minutes audio time.

Tim is disappointed when his best friend wants to spend their last day of summer geocaching. But a competition might make things interesting. Before the day is over, Tim will have discovered more than just a hidden treasure.


Mountain Bike Hero

3-6 ┊ 5364 words ┊ ◄))

3-6, 5364 words, 38 minutes audio time.

Everyone says that Crooked Hill has a curse. But it’s the only good place to go mountain biking in Flatte County. When Jonah’s brother goes down it during a storm, can Jonah beat the Crooked Hill curse?


Whitewater Courage

3-6 ┊ 5052 words ┊ ◄))

3-6, 5052 words, 37 minutes audio time.

Christopher has never rafted on a river like Australia’s Franklin River. Will he be brave enough to tackle the whitewater?


Windsurfing Winner

3-6 ┊ 5612 words ┊ ◄))

3-6, 5612 words, 41 minutes audio time.

Nick gives up on everything he tries. So when he’s on vacation, he tries surfing. He doesn’t like it, so he quits. A friendly girl helps him learn to windsurf. But will he quit that if he can’t do it?


Off the Bench

3-6 ┊ 5067 words ┊ ◄))

3-6, 5067 words, 34 minutes audio time.

There are five guys on the Wildcats who always start, and forward Daniel Friedland isn’t one of them. But when the star forward goes on vacation, Daniel gets his chance at the spotlight. It’s his turn to shine. Daniel has worked hard at improving his free throws, but he’s terrible at layups, and everybody knows it. He’ll need to work hard if he wants to be a starting Wildcat.


On Guard

3-6 ┊ 5210 words ┊ ◄))

3-6, 5210 words, 36 minutes audio time.

Trey Smith, the captain of the Wildcats, knows he’s one of the best players on the team. He doesn’t worry about anything when he’s on the court. But then he finds out that he knows someone on a rival team. It’s his cousin, Pete. And to make matters worse, they’re assigned to guard each other. How can Trey play when he’ll have to beat his cousin to win?


Playing Forward

3-6 ┊ 5820 words ┊ ◄))

3-6, 5820 words, 40 minutes audio time.

Isaac Roth’s big brother was a forward for the Wildcats, and Isaac wants to be one too. His dream is to be the highest-scoring forward ever. The problem is that Isaac is short. Coach Turnbull thinks he’d be a better point guard than a forward, since he’s fast and small. Will Isaac be able to change his dream and play for the team, or will he give up on the sport he loves?


Win or Lose

3-6 ┊ 5627 words ┊ ◄))

3-6, 5627 words, 40 minutes audio time.

Wildcats center PJ Harris is the tallest player on the team. Everyone expects him to be a natural on the court. He’s an all-star, except for one thing. He’s horrible at free throws. When a game comes down to PJ’s free throws making the difference between win or lose, he freaks! Can he solve his problem in time to earn back the respect of his coach and teammates and himself?


There’s No Crying in Baseball

1-3 ┊ 2210 words ┊ ◄))

1-3, 2210 words, 16 minutes audio time.

Tyler can’t wait to play baseball against the teachers at Victory. It is a big event to celebrate school spirit. But before game day arrives, Tyler sprains his ankle. Since he can’t play, Tyler wants to skip the game altogether. Will he learn that there’s no crying in baseball?


Five Fouls and You’re Out!

1-3 ┊ 2176 words ┊ ◄))

1-3, 2176 words, 15 minutes audio time.

Basketball star Carmen is a perfect dribbler, but her defense needs help. She gets five fouls at every game, and everybody knows it’s five fouls and you’re out! Carmen isn’t sure what to do, but her friends are ready to help her stop fouling.


There’s a Hurricane in the Pool!

1-3 ┊ 2119 words ┊ ◄))

1-3, 2119 words, 17 minutes audio time.

Everyone at Victory has to take swimming class, but that doesn’t mean they like it. Kenzie feels frustrated in the pool when her kicks are too strong. Waves are going everywhere. It almost seems like there’s a hurricane in the pool! Will Kenzie keep her kicks — and temper — under control?


Who Wants to Play Just for Kicks?

1-3 ┊ 2156 words ┊ ◄))

1-3, 2156 words, 14 minutes audio time.

It’s spring break, and Josh’s friends are spending their free time on the soccer field. Josh isn’t catching on to the sport, and he starts wondering, “Who wants to play just for kicks?” Will Josh learn that sometimes it’s fun to play just for fun?


You Can’t Spike Your Serves

1-3 ┊ 2258 words ┊ ◄))

1-3, 2258 words, 17 minutes audio time.

Alicia’s pen pal’s cheer squad needs new uniforms, but they don’t have the money to buy them. So Alicia decides to raise money for them with a volleyball tournament. She is excited to play herself, but she can’t seem to get her serves right. Will Alicia remember that you can’t spike your serves?


It’s a Wrestling Mat, Not a Dance Floor

1-3 ┊ 2123 words ┊ ◄))

1-3, 2123 words, 14 minutes audio time.

With football season over, Danny decides to try wrestling. He doesn’t know how to make his super speed work to his advantage. He ends up dancing around so his opponent won’t catch him, but that won’t help him win. How can Danny remember that it’s a wrestling mat, not a dance floor?


Dodger Dreams: The Courage of Jackie Robinson

3-6 ┊ 3765 words ┊ ◄))

3-6, 3765 words, 28 minutes audio time.

Max Owens is Brooklyn’s biggest baseball fan. On his birthday, September 28, 1955, Max’s grandpa gives him the greatest gift of all: World Series tickets. During the game, Max watches his favorite Dodger player, Jackie Robinson, play against the New York Yankees. Although the Dodgers lose, Max gets to meet Jackie and learn the lesson of a lifetime.


Fighting Spirit: On the Field with Jim Thorpe

3-6 ┊ 4132 words ┊ ◄))

3-6, 4132 words, 30 minutes audio time.

In 1920, Howard Tucker is one of the smartest kids at Haskell Indian Boarding School. Unfortunately, this scrawny 15-year-old would rather hang with the jocks than the dweebs. To get a place on the football team, Howard trades some math lessons for football training from another student. And with some advice from Jim Thorpe, he might just get a chance to play in the big game.


Drop In To the Deep End: Skateboarding With the Z-Boys

3-6 ┊ 4407 words ┊ ◄))

3-6, 4407 words, 27 minutes audio time.

In the late 1970s, Skip Jenson just moved from California to a small town in Ohio. Although he doesn’t fit in at first, the fifteen-year-old soon finds other students at Wilbur Wright Middle School who share his passion, skateboarding. Although Skip is psyched to ride with a new crowd, he isn’t ready to adopt their rebellious ways. Now this California kid must show his new friends the new way to ride.


H Is for Honk!: A Transportation Alphabet

PreK-2 ┊ 731 words ┊ ◄))

PreK-2, 731 words, 7 minutes audio time.

Do you like fast cars, big trucks, and winding roads? Learn all the ins and outs of getting around in H Is for Honk!